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Hello and Welcome,

My name is Anthony and I am the owner of K3metDesign Clothing, based in the UK. Thank you for your interest in reading what the movement is about and the meaning behind the brand.

Birth of K3metDesign Clothing

The name K3metDesign Clothing came from my love of history, culture and my passion to create art. Kemet is the ancient name of Egypt which also means Land of the Black or in short Black.

Meaning of my Logo Design

The Designing of my clothing brand name has the word Kemet, which I’ve already explained the meaning of. It also has the “Ankh” which symbolizes life, creation and eternity. And the number "3" is simply there because out of all my siblings I’m the 3 one born… jokes aside, there is a deeper meaning or meanings behind the number 3; the progression through life (life, birth and death), creation for all, the student, the third solution. I find the meaning behind that particular number enlightening. I have a hidden number too within the design (can you see it?) which is “13” under the spiritual teachings of the ancient Egyptians "13" represented; transformation, resurrection, rebirth and a new life. It was never an unlucky number and happens to be my favourite too.

The Movement, The History, The Cultures

Afrikan history is a vital part of world history as it was the birthplace of all humankind. I believe proper knowledge of one's history leads to the attainment of self-empowerment, togetherness and the acknowledgment for understanding other cultures with an open and respectful mind.

Culture will always and forever be popular culture, it influences all aspects of life from fashion, sports, music, art, how people interact with one another, it can bring people together and divide. I truly believe as a modern culture and with more insight there would be less judgmental views on what He/She wore, where they’re from or that a certain brand fits a certain category of people.

K3metdesign Clothing is a brand where people from all backgrounds, creeds and lifestyles can wear a brand which has a deeper meaning, instead of simply following a trend or being another next icon. It’s a movement of influencing people into looking deeper into their culture and understanding others, but most importantly understanding yourself and being true to one self. In essence we’re only one race, one culture and one collective being, so what we’re truly representing is the human race.

This brand is all about pushing beyond your limited understanding, mentally and physically and that your limitation is what you decide it to be… break your limits… and you’ll never be limited, inspire, learn and share your culture.

So to all the beautiful races and inspirational cultures out there, if you decide to become part of this movement and happen to see a fellow human a.k.a “K3metics” (which means Balance, Justice and Truth) representing this brand give them a simple smile or nod of acknowledgement knowing that they refuse to be categorised and are open to gain knowledge; Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

K3metDesign Clothing is a brand without any boarders and as long as we as a people continue to grow so will this movement. We are all and forever be students of life, so let’s help one another developed in this never ending class of existence. I’m still learning and refuse to limit myself to a handful of catchy phrases and call it a movement, because it seems safe and to please a specific group.

I always find myself trying to avoid using the word movement, but it's a word that can easily describe what this this is about. Another interpretation of this would be to call it a profound shift in consciousness for the people.

Thanks for listening and if I rambled on a bit thanks for surviving this far. I tried to express myself as best as I can, and like I said before - I’m still learning.

Finally, I’m always open to ideas so feel free to send me a message. I might not be able to get back to everyone but, I take time out each day to read through personal messages sent to me.