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Womens| Cultured King T-Shirt – White
Womens| Cultured King T-Shirt – White

Womens| Cultured King T-Shirt – White

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Share Your Culture

Design Inspired by the Male Gods of "Kemet" and our design of "Maat" the Goddess T-shirt. What's a King without it's Queen.

    Fellow Sisters and Queens acknowledge your heritage by proudly wearing this Cultured King Shirt. Lead by example, limitation is only a mind set, be inspired to learn and achieve more! and remember to always Share Your Culture.

    Behind the Design

    • The Crown represents Power and Leadership.
    • The Bow/Nod of the head indicates Respect and is casual and informal sign of Acknowledgement.
    • The Afro comb base symbolises the Roots of our History.

    T-Shirt Info

    • Material: 100% High Quality Cotton.
    • Colours: Black, White, Yellow
    • Design: Black Front Screen Print and Back Logo Design.
    • T-Shirt Type: Black Unisex - Classic Collar Neck Design. 
    • Anti-Pilling, Anti-Shrink, Anti-wrinkle,Breathable, Eco-Friendly Material.
    Please read Washing Instructions to take the best care of your Items.

      Please Check your Size before purchasing.

      • Model is 5 Foot 1 (1.52 Meters)
      • T-Shirt is Unisex 
      • Size is a Small